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VOTE NO on Sunday Hunting

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Hikers, bikers, horse-back-riders, dog walkers, fishermen, and other outdoor enthusiasts have only ONE DAY per week that they can enjoy the outdoors without fear of becoming the mistaken target of a hunter. That one day is a day where both non-hunters and hunters alike can stroll through the quiet woods and enjoy the beautiful landscape and the quiet that comes with it. But now the Pennsylvania General Assembly wants to take that day away! We say: THAT IS UNFAIR! We, the outdoor enthusiasts, ask very little...just one afternoon where we can enjoy shared access to our shared lands.

Looking at the numbers, the projected figures of increased revenue for the Commonwealth are grossly exaggerated. While the sale of licenses may increase, it is unlikely to have a noticeable change. Hunters already have their license, so allowing Sunday hunting will merely allow those hunters to hunt on an additional day per week.

This is not an "anti-hunting" or "anti-gun" petition. We are merely asking for what is fair. Hunters enjoy the outdoors 6 days a week... and they now want all seven. We are asking for just 24 hours of quiet enjoyment of our property!!


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