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Balance Junkrat, but not necessarily nerf him into the ground

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Firstly, in Junkrat's current state he is a tough hero to overcome. His ultimate charges very quickly, and deals a great load of damage. Not to mention that it can clear an entire point much like D.VA's ultimate. Which is unfair since Junkrat's ultimate is easy to direct and control into enemy positions, with great speed.

Secondly, his landmines that allow him to take flight make him very tough to damage if you're not playing a hitscan hero like McCree or Soldier:76. 1 land-mine contains enough fighting power to kill a fair amount of heroes instantly with a critical hit(which isn't too hard to do, considering they have AOE damage). Throwing 1 mine after the other can easily and effectively take-down half a team of heroes. No other hero can achieve an equivalent amount of damage with 2 clicks of a basic attack, which means he is dealing too much damage, or has too many uses of an attack.

Lastly, Junkrat can lob a large amount of grenades over structures at long distances, with high accuracy. His grenade launcher is very accurate, despite the trajectory path being very arched. The arch like projectile path gives him the ability to kill without thinking too much about where exactly to aim. I think to balance this perk, his grenades from his primary-fire should be angled to the left or right a touch, so when his grenades are shot from a long distance, they lose accuracy by not landing in the same location each time.

Overall, I think Junkrat just has a few too many more advantages than dis-advantages. His land mines deal a great amount of critical damage, even though they have an AOE. His ultimate generates very quickly, and he is too accurate with his grenade launcher. He is fairly balanced, but I'd definitely like him to have more impairments.

Thank you for your time, please consider reworking Junkrat.


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