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delete hanzo from overwatch

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hanzo is an unreliable dps character in the popular team based FPS game overwatch, his damage may be good but can be unreliable as it’s based on aim, timing and sheer bullshit.

Hanzo uses his bow and arrow as his main damage, as it’s projectile bases the arrows have their own hitboxes, and mixed with overwatch’s already huge hitboxes to help newer players to FPS games it creates a bullshit and a horrible feeling when getting head shot by hanzo, as he only needs to look in your direction to get the kill.

he also has an ability known as scatter arrow, am arrow that splits into 5 arrows when it comes into contact with a wall, floor or enemy, each arrow deals 100 damage and if all 5 hit an enemy it deals 500 damage, and can kill roughly 95% of the overwatch cast if shot correctly, overwatch have already stated they don’t like one shot combos in their games yet this has been in-game for over a year now?

Hanzo also has a terrible story arch when it comes to the plot of Overwatch, Hanzo is apart of the Shimada clan, a notorious drug dealing, crime organising gang/ clan, being the eldest brother to Genji, Hanzo took over the clan when their father had died, leaving Hanzo to killing (or later we find he survived) his brother Genji, as he didn't want to be apart of the clan. Hanzo may feel guilt for killing his brother but in-game dialog tells the gamers he still treats Genji poorly, constantly reminding Genji he is not the brother he used to have, as Genji's injuries were so severe Mercy had to re-build his body using cybernetics. Overall, Hanzo's story had potential but blizzard ruined his character being apart of a drug ring and crime gang, on top of killing his own damn brother for not wanting to be apart of it.

if enough people can sign this petition we can stop hanzo mains ruining our matches, telling us they’ll carry and not do anything, blaming the rest of the team for their own mistakes. please save the community. 

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