Bahamains stand united in 2022

Bahamains stand united in 2022

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The Organic Bahamians/Legal Residents

Why this petition matters

Started by Jillian Bartlett

It's time to eradicate our country of  persons who do not respect our laws.

(a) Stop illegal entry/The Commander of the Defense Force in Jan 2022 there are new trend to enter, using US looking and they from 5 different ports out of Haiti.

(b) Stop unlawful shanty communities are a health and hurricane Hazzard and it's been 48 plus years. These community are in 6 more different Island...its not a good and Bahamians are living in there cars.

(c) Stop fraudulent documents our name are been tinted and taxs lost.

(d) Stop helping Haiti we need a Morantruim stop they need to help themselves in July 2021 they assissinated there President and again on January 1st on their 218th Anniversary attempted to assissinated the sitting President.

NGO were kidnapped in December they escaped thank God they will bit the hands that feed them.

Many countries have tried to help Haiti financially starting in 2010 to 2021 and billions upon billions go unaccounted 

Spain $72,277,006

Japan $71, 664, 000

Saudi $50,000,000

Central Emergency Response

 $38, 506,425

It's was announced in late Dec 2021 DR will be building a wall.

(e) The Bahamains are living in cars, loosing their jobs and business', crime is still an issue and they need the government's full attention after the snap election dated September 16th 2021.

The Bahamains are doubly burdened with VAT taxs 5 years later and deflicit over 10billion created by both governments. 

Who will help the Bahamians?


495 have signed. Let’s get to 500!