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This year has been chaotic, and the next few months will likely follow that trend. In order to protect ourselves pre- and post-elections, we must claim the power we have in this process. Voting on November 3rd is key, and that is part of our power. We must register and turn out, and make sure everyone in our circles does too!

However, we cannot overlook the call to prepare and organize before the elections, in case there is a need to mobilize after they occur. With this in mind, we've identified three groups from whom we seek public commitments. This is where we start, because these are the current gatekeepers.

The media has incredible influence over the electorate, and will be instrumental in managing public expectations around the elections. We must hold them accountable for doing so responsibly. We, therefore, ask members of the media in Oregon to:

  • Commit to reporting fair and accurate news.
  • Commit to confirm information and verify sources, even if that means delaying the reporting.
  • Commit to providing adequate context when featuring elections coverage to avoid misinforming, or inducing panic in the public.

Our elected officials are entrusted with protecting the legal framework through which our individual votes on November 3rd, get certified at the state level (on Dec. 14), and confirmed at the national level (on Jan. 6). Our vigilance throughout this timeframe is necessary to protect the integrity of this democracy. We, therefore, ask our Oregon elected officials to: 

  • Commit to listen and amplify the voice of their constituents.
  • Commit to use my authority to protect every vote, and refuse to accept election results until all votes are counted.
  • Commit to defend the voice of the Oregon people during the national joint congressional session to confirm election results.

The armed agents of the state are in place to protect us and the Constitution. Our stance is nonpartisan and nonviolent, and we demand a response in kind. We, therefore, ask armed agents stationed in Oregon to:

  • Commit to respect and protect the people, any time they exercise their constitutional first amendment right to protest.
  • Commit to never use violence against nonviolent protesters.
  • Commit to uphold the Constitution, and only follow orders from duly elected officials.

The people of Oregon demand these commitments because we refuse to negotiate our democracy. Join us in protecting democracy, sign this petition today!



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