Kathy Willets, a disabled woman with Williams Syndrome had her rights and money stolen!

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My sister Kathy Willets lost her father in February of 2017. By December of 2018, the OPGT had illegally gained litigation guardianship without due process, while two lawyers gobbled up her $165,000.00 inheritance without even reaching mediation.
Further - the OPGT and their lawyer have never met Kathy and have never informed her or her group home that they now 'own' her ability to decide what's right for her. 

She's simply known as: Katherine Joan Willets, Public Guardian and Trustee File No. 176 541 

I built TheKathyProject.com to explain how they did it.

On May 21st, 2019, a Superior Court Judge will learn for the first time, this miscarriage of justice has occurred - I've learned they've routinely bypass due process, before to unwitting Canadians and then have an admin fee-based approach to financially feed off and drain the client's estate. Please help me alert
the public.

In the last year, the OPGT has:
1. Never met Kathy. Never visited her homes or school. They never called, explained or updated Kathy. She nor her group home were ever sent papers to let Kathy know the OPGT took it upon themselves to know what’s best for her.

2. The OPGT summarized Kathy as: “Kathy has Down’s syndrome”

3. Created the lawsuit that has lead to the wholesale destruction of Kathy’s bequest from her father