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Player Representation on the Board of the Ontario Ringette Association

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The Ontario Ringette Board of Directors is an elected board with paid staff.

Very few members of the ORA board have actually been, or currently are players. Though all of the time and hard work put into running the association is appreciated, many players find that a women’s sport being dominantly governed by men whom have never even stepped foot onto the ice as a player in a ringette game quite questionable. In hindsight, looking back on all of our years as players, volunteers and coaches, the ORA have rarely kept the players’ best interests at heart. We are sure that many other girls can say the same.

Of all of the board’s members, five out of twenty of the positions are filled by women.

Players, those whom the board’s decisions affect entirely, are too often set aside. When those who have not experienced the game firsthand are in power, there is a loss of empathy and regard for those who have. The game is too often taken off the ice, and into the board room.

While we understand that there is some representation from players, it has not proven to be sufficient. We feel that there should be a board of current athletes that represent the ringette players’ community and be involved in board decisions that affect us. We intend to offer the insight of current players and voice the opinions of those who are most affected by board rulings.

We have created a petition to initiate action in the development of a player’s board which will work alongside the Ontario Ringette Association to instil a relationship between athletes and administration.

It would be appreciated that this petition be passed on to other players, and we ask that they feel free to share opinions and stories that they feel need to be heard in the comment section below.


Tia Chowen and Hannah Deans

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