Pay Ontario PSWs equally & make the temporary wage enhancement permanent! #PSWWageEquality

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PSWs need a permanent pay raise - sign now to show your support before the temporary wage enhancement expires on June 30, 2021! NOW AUGUST 23, 2021!

PSWs should be paid the same wage no matter where they choose to work, but PSWs in home and community care are the lowest paid in the entire Ontario health system.

PSWs that work in home and community care allow the most vulnerable to:

  • live safely in their homes;
  • avoid hospitalization;
  • and delay admission into long-term care.

Most seniors want to age at home, but without support many end up forced to enter long-term care early.

The home and community care sector is experiencing a significant shortage of PSWs at this time. This cannot continue. The pandemic has made it clear that PSWs were underpaid and are key workers in keeping the health system functioning; that is why the government introduced a $3 Pandemic Pay bump for front-line heroes.

This changed into a temporary wage enhancement in October and is set to expire June 30, 2021. This pay raise must be made permanent at the very least.

The Ontario Community Support Association (OCSA) is calling on the Government of Ontario to immediately pay all PSWs the same wages no matter if they work in Long-term Care, Hospitals or Home and Community Care.

Sign our petition to send a strong message to the Ontario government that PSWs in home and community care should be just as valued as those in other sectors and deserve increased wages. Support #PSWWageEquality.

  • PSWs in the home and community care sector are making on average 19% less than PSWs in the hospital sector.
  • Simply making the wage enhancement permanent will not keep PSWs in the home and community care sector as the pay is also 9% less than PSWs in the Long-Term Care sector.
  • Not-for-profit home and community care agencies have only received a 1% to 3% increase since 2010, while inflation has risen over 17%.
  • Staffing accounts for most budget costs for these not-for-profit providers.
  • The number of vacant positions for frontline staff including PSWs in the home and community care sector grew by 14.5% between November 30, 2020 and December 31, 2020 alone.

    Photo provided by VHA Home HealthCare one of OCSA's not-for-profit member agencies.