Fire Department Leadership Petition

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I have been apart of the fire department for quite some time now. 

For too long, the FD has been lacking a true leader in the servers peak hours. We have a Fire Commissioner who is mainly active for a couple of hours in the morning at around 8AM GMT. The server peaks at around 10 players during these hours, which is the wrong time-zone for the Fire Commissioner.

Luckily, our Deputy Commissioner Geoff Pettengell is taking on all of his duties during the peak hours and all in all, is doing the job of the Commissioner without anything to show for it. Meanwhile the the Commissioner is most likely in a gym IRL and not in-game to assist the Deputy with his own duties. It’s not fair on Simon (Geoff Pettengell).

Harry Pierce (Current Commissioner) also has the unrelenting urge to handle all of his business on Discord, rather than In-game, around a table with his command team.. This is because he refuses to be in-game during peak hours and Discord messages can be replied to whenever (hours after the original proposal) which is bad for the command and is mildly rulebreaking, as Discord is an OOC means of communication.

Harry really needs to get in-game during the peak hours, to ensure he runs an effective command team... There is no point having a command team in a completely different timezone, that’s like Donald Trump being in the White house... And his team being stationed in England... Which would lead to zero effective communication. Luckily, Trumps team is stationed in the White house. So communication is much faster.

Since joining, Geoff Pettengell has been the only member of High Command I ever see and recently I've been promoted to Lieutenant after some time being the only one online.. and even that promotion was handled by Harry through discord... never handled in-game.

- An Angry member of FD!

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