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Sign our stop horse racing cruelty petition and stand up for these beautiful animals.

-More than 10,000 horses are killed every year; Denmark itself is responsible for 60 unnecessary deaths.
-Injured horses are transported in brutal conditions to slaughter houses.
-Heart attacks, broken limbs and drugs abuse are order of the day

It is time for a change. The gambling industry needs to take responsibility for its actions. Please help us to send out a message:  STOP horse racing cruelty.

According to research done by, more than 10,000 horses are killed every year. It’s time for the online gambling industry to take responsibility. Stand up for a better treatment of racing horses!


Letter to
The online gambling industry
I herewith call on you to put a stop to the cruelty and suffering horses are subjected to in the sport of horse racing.

As you may already know, horse racing, is a sport that has a long and unjustifiable history of animal neglect and cruelty, where horses are exposed to unacceptably dangerous and inhumane conditions on a regular basis.

More than 10,000 horses worldwide – 60 of which in Denmark alone – die every year as a direct result of incidents that occur during horse races. Often, after suffering such injuries, these horses are transported in degrading and inhumane conditions to slaughterhouses to be destroyed.

Even when they’re not killed, race horses are pushed beyond their natural limits. Heart attacks, broken limbs and drug abuse are commonplace, as is the forcing of injured horses to run races despite obvious injuries – often prolonging and worsening these injuries.

This cruelty extends down to the breeding process, where genetically abnormalities are intentionally bred into the horses, and where two-in-three new-born horses are ‘disposed of’ due to them being unsuitable for horse racing. Even those that do make the grade often begin their training prematurely, resulting in them suffering irreversible damage from an early stage in life.

We find this unacceptable. Horse racing is above all else a sport; a form of entertainment for those who follow it. It is our fervent belief that these animal should not be exposed to such cruel and dangerous conditions simply to keep people entertained.

We therefore call on you to put a stop to this cruelty in Denmark, both to safeguard the welfare of Denmark’s race horses, and to act as an example to the rest of the world.

Yours faithfully,
[Your name]

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