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Your July 25 quip, "Tony Romo Practicing For First Time Since Surgery To Remove Ovarian Cyst" relies upon insulting a male athlete by insisting that he is "really" a woman.

This is sexist, antiquated and old fashioned at best; dangerous, alienating and incredibly harmful at worst.

Your satire is usually drafted by individuals who understand nuance and bring out the best in this art. This, however, is sloppy, lazy and frankly disgusting writing that fails to recognize the great diversity of sex, gender and gender identity.

Hate to burst your bubble, Onion, but there are women AND MEN with ovaries and their health is no "joke". It's a reality. So please, get into the 21st century before you continue to post sexist, transphobic articles. 

These issues are no laughing matter. These are people's lives we are talking about. 

Letter to
The Onion Staff
Please remove and issue an apology for relying upon sexist and transphobic language to get a laugh.