Children deserve our protection. No child deserves inhumane treatment, expecially in a public square like the Internet.  The Onion, which is so-called American 'satirical' news organization staffed by juvenile, mysognists thought it would be hilarious to sexualize and violently target Oscar nominee, Quvenzhané Wallis - a NINE YEAR OLD CHILD with a SLUR of the worse kind.

We rise to protect her and all children from those who chose to characterize and align her and children like her, in a manner in which they would NEVER do with their own children. 

Letter to
Editor David Schafer, Steve Hannah, Mike McAvoy,Josh Modell, Brian Janosch, Seena Vali, Will Tracy
The Onion Nancy Rodriquez
The Onion Christopher Johnson, David Schafer, Steve Hannah
and 3 others
The Onion Wil Tracy, Mike McAvoy,Josh Modell, Brian Janosch, Seena Vali
CEO David Schafer, The Onion
Founders Tim Keck, Christopher Johnson, David Schafer,
To: The Onion and Your Advertisers

We demand a 1) public apology, 2) an immediate firing of the editor and 3) and a review of your staffing decisions which made you feel comfortable to call a 9 year old child a CUNT. A decision that will align with her for the remainder of her life. In a moment, in which she had every right to be proud of her brilliant performance, your editors and advertisers chose to sully her shining moment.
Be clear. This will not go away.

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