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The One, Shanatics adore... SK. Shahid... Shanatics, want you to PLEDGE Something.. Please 'QUIT SMOKING'!!

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"...Because YOU mean the WORLD to us! ...Because WE are here, Together as ONE, only 'cause of YOU!!

Shahid, We are sending this petition [Heartfelt request], to you today... because, The most important thing in our world is YOU & UR WELL BEING... & Nothing scares us more, than Anything HURTING YOU!!

Don't know, Where to start... But guess, will just start by saying~ 'Smoking Hurts, Shahid!' ...IT HURTS UNTIL IT KILLS!! ...And we just can't see it Harming you!!

It KILLS slowly but surely...U know that Shahid. And we understand, You always try your best to quit it.......... But NOW, We can't let it Hurt you anymore... Sometime, somewhere, You gotta JUST STOP! ...If Stress is the Reason, U smoke.. Give it all to us..!! [or Someone U trust dearly] We'll listen.. share [with you].. & I'm sure, U'll never know, When its gone!!

But Shahid... YOU CAN'T LET THIS HABIT, KEEP ON HURTING YOU... YOU JUST CAN'T..... Because your Loved ones & WE Shanatics... Can't imagine their World, WITHOUT THEIR SHAHID!!

...We understand, You don't have the faintest idea, where all this came from... & There's a fair possibility, You may not like this, Shahid... But believe us, We've heard it time & again, from so many people & places, that now, WE FEEL.. We can't Deny. And maybe In ur Heart, U know it isn't Untrue..!!

Whatever maybe the Truth.. Nothing in our Hearts, will ever change for You! ..And just to let U know~ We've kept this Petition highly Discreet & just between your most trusted & oldest Shanatics... It was never made Public.. & Be assured, Never will be! [..It was send to just 20 of ur Oldest Shanatics, who've being here since 3yrs.. via DM, & was Signed by almost everyone, except a few.. That's why it's just 18 Signatures!] But nonetheless, Shahid.. IT SPEAKS TO YOU, FOR SHANATICS...FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD!! Your Loyalest Shanatics.. from India to Russia, Germany & the UK to Australia, Singapore to d US.. Have Signed this Petition, & Want U to know.. That we Love U so much & care for you!

..We are genuinely concerned 'bout YOU, SHAHID... Not just from the Obvious, Health point of view...[U know it causes TB, Cancer!] ..But also from the overall Harm & limitations, Smoking imposes on a person's general well being!! ...Enraging you, doesn't matter as much to us, AS SAVING YOU FROM THIS HELL!! ..Shahid, Now is the time to CHANGE... ~ If U really still DO!! ..Now is the time to leave this Lethal, Life-threatening Habit behind, If U still haven't......

On ur Birthday, Shahid... We want you to make a Heartfelt Promise. Not to Us............ But to Yourself! ..To quit this deadly, perilous & self-damaging unhealthy habit, forever. TO QUIT SMOKING FOR A LIFETIME!! Guess, You've always believed in Health & Fitness.. & Shahid, We want the same for you! [Once in a While if on Reel, a Movie Scene requires U to do so.. than that's Fine! ..But please Don't, in Real Life!] There's no better gift, we could ever give you on ur Birthday, Than the Gift of Good Health!! ..Because If U're Healthy, U can do anything U wish to accomplish in this world.. But If U're not.. U can't do the smallest thing!

Sash... We can just say, request or persuade You! That's all we can say & do.             But d Task is YOURS..!! It is YOU, who can make a Difference........

So Shahid... If u truly care about ur well being, & d love of the people who matter to U.. Please, Make a Promise to yourself to take care of ur Health! ..'Cause YOU ARE truly Precious to Us!

[If we weren't so Serious about it.. Why wud've we started d Petition in the 1st place?!] Doing this, with the Best of our Intentions... All your Shanatics... Just to let YOU know~ WE CARE.... & YOU are the one, MOST IMPORTANT Part of our Lives..!!!!!!!!!! Never ever if U need, Underestimate the Power of ur Shanatics, TO GET YOU THROUGH.........

On ur Birthday tomorrow.. Here's Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, from all d Shanatics.. & especially d 18 of Us, who signed this!! May ur Special day be filled with Love, Celebration & Cherished moments with Family & Friends!! Here's Wishing U a Long, Happy, Healthy, Safe & Prosperous Life ahead.. & a Year of much deserved~ Success, Love & Appreciation.. for PPNH & RAMBO RAJKUMAR from audiences all over India & d World! ..2013's gonna be YOUR YEAR, Shahid.. We know it!

God Bless.. & Just know that U are always in our prayers!! Once again.. Here's wishing, All the Love & Bestest Wishes for Our Dashing Hero ~ Our Shahid.. Your, much fondly awaited Upcoming Movies.. & For a Blissful, Beautiful, Year ahead!

All d things We said.. Saying all this, was a Risk... But guess, It is a risk Worth taking! ...'Cause saying it with FAITH, too! We know, Sash.. It's a very Private Thing.. a very Personal Decision!! But, Hope you'll see our Love in it... & Hope You'll~ "PLEDGE TO QUIT SMOKING", for ever...... for US...Shahid!!!!!!!!!"

With Love & Concern...........

Yours Shanatics.♥

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