Move the Student Section Back to the Shade

Move the Student Section Back to the Shade

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Noah Nicaud
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Before the 2016 football season, the Ole Miss administration moved the student section from the south end zone to the north end zone. The move was defended by the fact that the south end zone would provide over 2,000 more seats to students, but the administration created the exact opposite effect. Since the move, student attendance has declined tremendously, because frankly, the students do not want to endure the heat of the south end zone.

To the Ole Miss administration: the diminishing success of the football team is not the reason of your declining student section - your move to place the students in the most inconvenient and uncomfortable portion of the stadium is the reason for the lackluster student attendance at games.

Ole Miss students love Rebel football. Those are our classmates on the field, and we would give all for the Ole Miss football team. Students provide the biggest sense of home-field advantage, and I'm sure that every member of the Ole Miss football team would defend any move that would increase that home-field advantage by accommodating the students.

The north end zone sucks.

Make no mistake about it, the north end zone is, far and away, the worst part of the stadium to watch the game. The powers that be figured that they could stick the students in that section, and that students would bring the same fervor to games that they did in the years previous.

The administration was wrong. Take a look at the student section after the first quarter of any given football game. How empty is it? The students do not want to have to endure that heat for an entire football game. I am frankly astonished that more students have not passed out or suffered heat strokes.

We don't care if you want us to "deal with it." We are merely stating the problem, and presenting the solution that will fix this problem. Opposing teams no longer fear walking into the Vaught, as they would going into a place like Death Valley. The Ole Miss student section's representation is pitiful, and if you want it to return to its full potential, move the student section back to the south end zone.

We need your signature if you would like to send the administration a message. We will present this petition to the Athletics Director if we receive enough signature. Reclaim our student section, and sign this petition.