The Oklahoma "No More Toll Roads Pledge"

The Oklahoma "No More Toll Roads Pledge"

June 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Dave Moore

Since February of 2022, thousands of Oklahomans have been endeavoring to stop the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority's (OTA) scam to build more needless toll roads in our State, including two proposed toll roads smashing through the heart of Cleveland County in the Norman area.

If OTA's "Access Oklahoma" plan occurs the way OTA wants, thousands of Oklahomans will be forcefully removed from their homes. If they resist, they will be jailed, or worse.

Does Oklahoma need new and improved roads? Of course we do, but the price for OTA's plan is too high.

It seems hard to believe, but many politicians and business developers think it's OK to steal private property, bulldoze and destroy homes, kick families to the curb, crush hopes and dreams, destroy wildlife, compromise the environment, pollute our water supply and bury Oklahoma's future in mountains of debt, all to build private toll roads that will make their business buddies happy when they get the contracts to build these roads, and then blanket the toll roads with their favorite business projects.

Does that sound acceptable to you, or does it sound crazy? Is it OK for political business titans and moguls to steal from the powerless, and give to the powerful? Does that sound like the America we have in our hearts, or more like an American horror story?  

What is your position on this issue? Will you take "The No More Toll Roads Pledge," as stated below? It represents the way Oklahoma needs to go to leave behind the corruption our State is famous for, and reach forward to the future we know we deserve.

Will you help Oklahoma in our cause? Will you sign on to "The No More Toll Roads Pledge?"  

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"I pledge to support a moratorium on creation of additional turnpikes in Oklahoma until existing turnpikes in Oklahoma have generated enough toll revenue based upon an independent audit to repay their original costs, are conveyed to state ownership and converted to toll-free roads."

"I further pledge to oppose public-private partnerships and the use of eminent domain to build and operate toll roads and bridges."

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Signatures: 73Next Goal: 100
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