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Cat mauled to death by two vicious dogs

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This is Darren White with his feline daughter Sophie. Darren has been victimized twice. Are you familiar with the expression “adding insult to the injury”?  This is exactly the case. Darren and his wife, Heather, loved their beautiful black cat Sophie.  Sophie was their feline daughter, and would sleep with them, as well as follow them around everywhere in their house. Those of us, who are lucky enough to know how strong a cat’s love is, do not need further explanation.

One tragic day, last month, Sophie was in her parents’ yard enjoying some fresh air and two vicious dogs, off leash, invaded Darren and Heather’s yard and ripped poor Sophie apart. Sophie agonized for a few endless minutes and then died. Darren was devastated and blinded by rage, and rightly so.  Seeing his defenseless feline daughter being ripped apart by two dogs, in his own yard, was something that he will never forget. This tragedy clouded his judgement and he got in his truck to track down the dogs, and ended up hitting one of the dogs that had killed Sophie. This is a very unfortunate situation, but we all know how many vicious dogs kill innocent pets or even children and get away with it.

Fox news got ahold of the story and decided to sensationalize the whole incident by distorting facts and by depicting Darren as a psychopathic dog killer. Fox news also left out crucial elements of the whole incident. Darren wouldn’t have hurt a fly, under normal circumstances, but he was just devastated for his tragic loss.  People can be easily manipulated by the media, and now it turns out Darren is a criminal, in the public opinion’s eyes. This case is very similar to another case of two pit bulls mauling to death another cat in Palmetto Bay where the cat’s owner had to shoot both dogs with a handgun. Media presented the whole incident “as if” the vicious dogs were victims when the Palmetto Bay man had no choice.

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals is using the story for its political agenda and having everyone sign a petition to charge Darren to the fullest extent of the law. This is outrageous and is adding insult to the injury.  Please help us to advocate for Darren White by signing this petition and contacting the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals and asking them to PLEASE drop their petition because it would do more harm than good.

The Oklahoma Alliance for Animals address is: 5321 S. Sheridan Road Suite 30 Tulsa, OK 74145. 

Their phone number is 918-742-3700 but you can also e-mail them at

Darren and his family need your help, such tragedies as this could be easily prevented if dog owners were more responsible.

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