Petition Update

Hurricane Isaac uncovers BP's oil

Michelle Erenberg
New Orleans, LA

Sep 14, 2012 — You may have heard that oil from BP's Macondo well is washing onto Gulf shores and beaches again since Hurricane Isaac came through 2 weeks ago. It’s hard to believe that more than two years later, BP hasn’t paid fines or penalties for its actions. U.S. Department of Justice is blasting BP and underscoring the federal case that BP was grossly negligent in its handling of the Macondo well. This could have a huge impact on the amount of Clean Water Act fines that flow back to the Gulf from the RESTORE Act. Because they put time and profits ahead of safety, BP must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Despite what BP’s ads might want you to believe, the Gulf Coast is still reeling from this disaster. When the Gulf's ecosystems suffer, its people and economy suffers. We depend on the Gulf's wetlands and natural resources for our livelihoods and heritage. Until restoration happens, BP's job isn't finished. Please share this petition with friends today!