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This is an online effort to help my friend JaQuone Phillips prove his innocence in a new trial. JaQuone was 18 years old when he was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to 20 1/2 years for the murder of 19 year old Marcus Simpson Jr. JaQuone has since been incarcerated 6 years, he is now 23 years old. Although he graduated he was not able to walk the line because he was incarcerated and awaiting for trial. He was not able to see his sister graduate from high school or college, be at the birth of his nephew. JaQuone has a baby sister Sam'Jah Phillips she was 4 when JaQuone was first incarcerated she is now 9 years old he has missed out on  most of her childhood. He's missed out on goin to a college he got accepted to. He has reached out to the Ohio Innocence Project for help and now he's reaching out to you please read and sign this petition so he can finally get the justice he deserves.

On the night April 12, 2014 at around 4:00 a.m. a group fight broke out in the parking lot of a night club that left one person deceased and another with non life threating injuries. The prosecution obtained two video footages from the night club one showing the entrance, where you are able to identify individuals. While the other showed grainy outside footage that captured the fight in the parking lot and what  Detective Baker believes to be JaQuone shooting both victims and fleeing in a vehicle. After watching the footage numerous times Detective Baker came to the conclusion that Phillips shot and killed Marcus and injured Devontae Williams based on the footage. Through the entire case there hasn't been any evidence supporting Detective Bakers theory, it has been laboratory reports (Exhibit B). I will include in this petition that proves what he believes he see's to be impossible to have happened that way. Along with other evidence as I explain JaQuone Phillips innocence. 

Included in this petition is every statement made in this case along with Phillips statement. Aron Johnson (see exhibit: k 1-5) was the witness Detective Baker relied on, to identify every person involved in the altercation the night of the incident. Detectives later got a tip that Emily Wilson was the driver of the car that Phillips left the lounge in. Emily gave a statement (exhibit:L 1-5) in Ms. Wilson's interview she stated she seen a text message from Phillip's to his sister Latavia Phillips phone. Asking her to retrieve his firearm from their residence and bring it to him at the lounge. Wilson went on to say once they got to Divante Hall's house. Phillips bragged about fighting Simpson, who moments later they found out was deceased. That's when Phillips start acting weird. Phillip's was arrested as a result of Ms. Wilson's statement. Once in custody Phillips gave a brief statement on what he seen transpire. Phillips said he didnt know how the fight started. He just seen a friend losing in the brawl and got involved to help. When moment later he heard two gun shots, he told his sister Latavia Phillips let's go. Then he ran to Ms.Wilson's vehicle after retrieving his cellphone he dropped and they left. Phillip's stated multiple times he did not shoot anyone and he did not have a firearm at the lounge.

Phillips was indicted on April 22, 2014 on murder with firearm specification, felonious assault with firearm specification and weapons under disability based on Detective Baker's theory and Ms. Wilson's statement. Although in the outside camera footage there was no muscle flash or firearm seen through the entire video, more importantly neither was seen when Detective Baker said the shooting occurred! Phillips did not even get into the night club and he did not have any knowledge of who was in the lounge. ( exhibit: P) No witness stated seeing Phillips with a firearm and no one made a statement to detectives implicating phillips in shooting.

There is no witness accusing JaQuone of ANYTHING. Its only Detective Baker's beliefs on what he thinks happened in the footage he obtained. There's no physical evidence that ties JaQuone to this case. There's no witness accusing him, no firearm recovered from him or in the case, no DNA, no fingerprints, no clothes with gunpowder them or JaQuone, and none was found on or in the vehicle he was in. The only person that testified for the state was Emily Wilson. Giving false testimony stating JaQuone texted his sister requesting a firearm be brought to him from their residence. JaQuone willingly signed the search warrant for his phone records no texts from that night or after was found in JaQuone's phone records talkin about a firearm including the deleted messages.