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Pass H.B. 203

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Ohio Representative Terry Johnson has introduced a bill to the Ohio General Assembly to expand and strengthen Ohio's concealed carry laws. This bill recognizes an individual right to self-defense, regardless of when or where the need to use force would arise.

Currently in Ohio an individual has to retreat before using force to prevent serious bodily injury or death anywhere other than their home or car. This bill would expand that right to anywhere outside of their home or car where they are lawfully allowed to be. The bill states: "For purposes of any section of the Ohio Revised Code that sets forth a criminal offense, a person has no duty to retreat before using force in self-defense, the defense of another, or of defense of that person's residence, if that person is in a place where that person lawfully has a right to be."

In accordance with Ohio law, an individual is only permitted to use deadly force if they have a reasonable and honest belief that deadly force is the only option to prevent serious bodily injury or death. If an individual uses deadly force against another, it is that person's responsibility to prove that the force used was reasonable and necessary to prevent serious bodily injury or death. This law would not change that responsibility.


The Ohio Constitution states: "The people of Ohio have the right to bear arms for their defense and security..."


Whereas, Ohio law allows for the use of force for self-defense.

Whereas, the United States Constitution and the Ohio Constitution guarantee the right to bear arms.

Whereas, the Supreme Court of the United States has affirmed, in multiple decisions, the inalienable right to self-defense.

Whereas, statistics show that stricter gun laws result in the increase of violent crime and homicides.

Therefore, we, the people of the great state of Ohio, hereby petition our Representatives to pass H.B. 203 to expand and strengthen the inalienable right to self-defense for every Ohioan.

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