No bail for Haushiku Andreas Muyevu Killers

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We the undersigned, as concerned Namibians and Community members,herewith and emphathically oppose bail for the two Chinese Chen Xuefeng, and Zhou Zhenhai the (accused) who shot and killed their former employee the late Haushiku Andreas Muyevu in cold blood. The Constitution of a free and independent Namibia protects and values the lives of its citizens. It is for that reason as we now do call a stiffer sentence and in the preliminary incidence oppose any consideration for granting bail. The matter is scheduled to be heard today on 23 April 2019 at Rundu Magistrate Court.

We feel these cold blooded murderers are a threat to the community and request that the accused be retained in custody, and not be allowed out on bail. If granted bail, the members of the community will feel helpless and at the mercy of justice. It will also not be in the interest of the safety of the accused persons as well to be released on bail as their safety can be compromised due to the indignation at the alleged murder by members of the community.

Issue by Muzokumwe Volunteers Organisation