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     This petition is to address the issue of an increase in Hostel fees within the GUSSS Hostels.

     As most students within the student body are from middle-class families, It is a struggle from the onset to pay for both tuition and hostel fees. Some students take education loans to help fulfill their dreams. With all these cost-cutting measures nonetheless, it’s still a hurdle to pay. With this in mind, increasing Hostel fees would be at a disadvantage to the student affecting them mentally which in turn could affect their performance in the lecture room.

   As a resident of one of the GUSSS Hostels and an aspirant for the position of the Campus MP, I Oti-Adjei George Heavenson Jnr.  alongside students of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, who have signed this petition would like to hereby make an appeal to the mentioned stakeholders to reduce or if possible, retract their decision of increasing hostel fees as soon as possible.