DEAL with Cyber Bullying NOW!

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A young man was mercilessly bullied by grown adults in this country, who should be ashamed of themselves.  Cyber Bullying can cause those with fragile support systems to harm themselves and it is not ACCEPTABLE!  What is it going to take to stop Cyber Bullying?  Are we going to have to wait until someone commits suicide for this to happen?  What is it going to take to have the Cyber Crime Bill dealt with as a matter of urgency?

If we have reached a stage as a people in this country where we are viciously harassing a young person for his choice of attire, then clearly we are not responsible enough to regulate our own behaviour and we need some regulatory guidance.

But I will not stand by and see a child being maligned on social media and not try to stand up in his defense.  This is outrageous and absolutely unacceptable.  This has to stop NOW!

PLEASE sign this petition and let's put a fire under the government to get working on this.  

By SIGNING this petition, you could be saving a life.