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Dismiss or Expel James Dilmore and Ben Hodes from Florida State University

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   In a recently released document written by the Chairman of the Florida Federation of College Republicans, Mr. Cade Marsh, Florida State students Ben Hodes and James Fletcher Dilmore are accused of "almost a dozen charges" while serving leadership positions in the FSU College Republican organization. Among the most serious charges are the following.

(A) The embezzlement of "up to more than $16,000 of student dues, club funds, and donations" by Treasurer Ben Hodes.

(B) "Multiple accounts of conduct, language, and personal interactions at odds" with the FSU Student Conduct Code, including: "sexual harrassment [sic] of executive board members, [...] sexually charged speech during General Body Meetings, verified threats of physical violence" against Florida State students by James Fletcher Dilmore.

   Mr. Marsh adds, "these allegations are NOT to be taken lightly. Any abuse of power or attempted malfeasance on the part of any member in leadership in the Republican Party is to be treated with the utmost level of seriousness". We believe that this level of seriousness should be maintained at the University level. 

   As per section (1)(f)2. of the Student Conduct Code, "students will be given an opportunity to present information, including witness testimony and/or statements, during a fair and impartial hearing". That notwithstanding, the charges stated in (A) and (B) indicate the following violations of the Student Conduct Code:

(A) The embezzlement of FSU College Republican funds by Mr. Hodes is at odds with both sections (1)(e)9.c., and (1)(e)11.c. of the Student Conduct Code. 

(B) The charges against Mr. Dilmore of sexual harassment, sexually charged speech, and verified threats of physical violence are at odds with sections (1)(e)1.b., (1)(e)1.g., (1)(e)3.b. of the Student Conduct Code, respectively. Because these offenses allegedly occurred while Mr. Dilmore maintained a leadership position within the FSU community, the charges are also in violation of section (1)(e)9.c. 

   If true, these offenses are clearly abuses of power. Mr. Dilmore and Mr. Hodes have used their positions of power selfishly and immorally. As such, their offenses are insulting to not only their fellow students and University community, but to Florida State University itself insofar as it is an institution which strives to uphold certain values and moral standards. Abuses of power such as these are serious, and we believe that serious offenses require serious punishments. We suggest either the dismissal or permanent expulsion of Mr. Dilmore and Mr. Hodes immediately after a formal hearing, should they be found guilty.

   *EDIT: The author of this petition recognizes that this situation is intended to be a private affair. However, it is the opinion of the supporters of this petition that this affair has sufficient public relevance. Members of the University community have a vested interest in those actions which defy the Student Conduct Code insofar as they affect other members of the community. While the majority of these charges are merely charges until a formal hearing has been completed, some go beyond charges. Specifically, it is verified fact that James Fletcher Dilmore has violently threatened fellow students in the context of FSU College Republicans meetings. These verified threats allow for public discourse prior to the completion of a formal hearing.

 *EDIT 2: A claim has been filed arguing that this petition is defamatory. Upon inspecting the language of this petition it should be more than obvious that nothing here is in any way slanderous or libelous. Only facts, directly from the source, have been presented. 

  Note: It should also be emphasized that the purpose of this petition is merely to function as a suggestion for punishment, should the accused be judged guilty of the violations described above. No demands are being made. 


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