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Petitioning Senator for the state of Texas The Office of Senator Ted Cruz

The Office of Senator Ted Cruz: Please oppose farm bills that nullify states' rights to label GMO food


Background: Genetically Modified Organisms ("GMO") food, through independent research and study, has shown profound scientific data indicating GMO is alarmingly dangerous to the public health, eco system, and economy. Scientific studies, more specifically, the Seralini study conducted over a period of two years, demonstrated rats to have rapid tumor growth, kidney and liver failure, and altering of rNA expression code causing alteration of organ function. Source: (
While GMO's have been banned or labeled in several countries, approximately 90% of U.S. corn, soy, cotton, canola, wheat, and sugar beets remain GMO, with an ever increasing amount of new GMO produce being introduced, without any labeling. Additionally, GMO food comprises almost 80% of the food selection in grocery stores. Nonetheless, food safety is NOT the only issue at hand. As consumers, we are entitled to fundamental rights to choose for ourselves whether we want to consume food that is genetically modified. As a whole, the state of Texas is also entitled the right to legislate on matters concerning the state's citizenry. Without proper labeling, consumers' rights are violated by unknowingly purchasing products they may not have otherwise selected. In addition, a nullification of state labeling laws further complicates an already fragile and infringed upon system of state rights. Labeling GMO food allows consumers who choose to eat non GMO the ability to identify and avoid a product they personally believe to be detrimental to their health and the health of their children. 

We are personally petitioning directly to Senator Cruz after recently learning the Senator, who adamently supports states' rights issues, voted on Thursday, May 23, 2013, AGAINST the Amendment that would allow states to enact legislation requiring the labeling of GMO food.

As voting constituents and citizens of Texas, it is imperative that we voice our concern to the Senator on the GMO matter to protect our personal and state's rights. We absolutely have the right to know and choose whether we want to consume GMO products.

Letter to
Senator for the state of Texas The Office of Senator Ted Cruz
We, the undersigned constituents of The State of Texas, are petitioning your office to address our concerns regarding the labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) in our food industry. As concerned citizens, we strongly oppose GMO's due to its alarming implications to public health, our environment, and economy. With up to 90% of soy, corn, cotton, canola, and sugar beets now genetically modified, and almost 80% of grocery stores containing GMO, our fundamental rights are being violated by disallowing us the opportunity to decide what food we consume. Independent scientific testing has proven that GMO foods promote a host of health complications ranging from allergies to cancer.

We are hereby graciously requesting that you oppose any bill that would nullify states' rights to label genetically modified organisms. We believe this matter is not only an issue of health concern for the citizens of Texas, but also a concern regarding our state's rights. Thank you for your time.