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Jason was sentenced to death in the year 2000 for the alleged murders of Melanie King and Robin Spears.

Attorneys for Jason Looney are now trying to convince the Florida Supreme Court that Jason's original attorney didn't share critical details with the jury,
details that could have resulted in a life sentence instead of death.

Jason's present lawyer, Baya Harrison, contends psychiatrists had deemed Jason's mental and emotional age at about 15, far below his actual 20 years. Jason had a troubled childhood. His natural mother was a teenager at the time Jason was conceived. She also had a drug and alcohol problem. And often left Jason with her parents at eighteen months of age. Jason was removed from the custody of his natural mother and grandparents at this young age based on allegations of sexual and physical abuse. His grandparents home was dysfunctional, the grandfather was an alcoholic, there were allegations of sexual abuse of 2 other children, and the grandfather later committed suicide.

There were also problems in Jason's adoptive home. The environment led Jason into severe depression and the exhibition of self-destructive
behavior.  When Jason was 15, his adoptive mother informed him that his natural grandfather had committed suicide, and that when he was a baby he had been raped by his natural grandfather. Jason began to self medicate with alcohol. The only support Jason was given during this period was a brief period in alcohol rehabilitation, which failed. Jason ran away to escape the environment of his adoptive home. Clinical testing revealed that Jason did not have an antisocial personality disorder but suffered from significant clinical depression, anxiety, and self -destructive behavior. The crimes occurred while Jason was under a great deal of stress.

Jason's lawyer recently filed a motion in state court on Jason's behalf based on the recent Supreme Court decision in Hurst V. Florida. This is not a mere technicality, but concerns the important constitutional right to a jury trail. Hurst is a powerful landmark decision that gives Jason a real opportunity to seek a new penalty phase trial.

Given the above information it would seem more appropriate to give Jason life in prison instead of the death penalty.

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