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Restore access to Federal Subsidized loans for graduate students.

Without subsidized loans it is almost impossible for under-privileged students to afford a graduate degree, especially in areas such as social work, or the arts. If a student were to pay the 6.8 interest during a master’s program and transfer to a PhD program, the debt would essentially double before achieving a doctorate. For every dollar loaned a student would pay back near two. For some disciplines you can't legally practice without a masters.  Many students will be trapped in Limbo where they have already earned their BA and can't afford the MA to get a job.  For these students they will pay back their loans yet will have their dreams denied.  Stopping these loans from being taken away will prevent 18 billion dollars in interest from being charged to American graduate students each 10 years. This is the equivalent to 3 months in Afghanistan but will take us a lifetime to repay.

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