Decision Maker Response

Assemblyman Mike Lawler’s response

Aug 18, 2021 — Hi,

This is New York State Assemblyman Mike Lawler from Rockland County. In recent weeks, I've been making a push to get the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge renamed back to what it should be called - the Tappan Zee.

But I need YOUR HELP.

My bill A.6594 would make sure that the bridge is renamed the Tappan Zee, to better reflect the rich history of our region and acknowledge the Native Americans who lived here, as well as the Dutch settlers who came here hundreds of years ago.

With Governor Andrew Cuomo resigning in disgrace, now is the time to remove the Cuomo name from this iconic bridge. In order to do so, I need you to call your Assembly Members and Senators to encourage them to support the following: Bill A.6594 if they're in the Assembly OR Bill S.7323 if they're in the Senate. You can find your state legislators by clicking here for the Assembly ( and clicking here for the Senate (

Together, we can rename this bridge and call it by its rightful name - The Tappan Zee.

I appreciate your support for this effort - now let's get this done, together.

Assemblyman Mike Lawler