The number of Vietnam/Korea Veterans with Bladder Cancer that may be due to Agent Orange

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Thousands of Vietnam and Korean war Veterans (including my husband) have Bladder Cancer. So far, Bladder Cancer, despite being listed by the VA as only Non-service related, fails to take into consideration the opinion of the American Cancer Society as a possible service connected cancer.

The American Cancer Society bases it's opinion on facts from:

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, who states that one chemical in Agent Orange, Dioxin, is a known human carcinogen.

The US National Toxicity Program also classifies Dioxin as a Known Human Carcinogen.

This designation as merely a possible/suspected service connection fails to address the huge number of cases being suffered by these veterans. Many are currently being treated by the VA.

Families of these veterans are being put on the back burner by the VA while these veterans and their families are left with no compensation or survivors benefits for the rainbow of chemicals sprayed on or near where these Veterans were stationed on the ground. It got into the air, water and directly on these veterans. I for one find this lack of concern a Dodge on the part of the VA, which leaves all of us to wonder if it has the current designation in hopes the majority of suffering vets will die off before benefits are paid.

I, and other Veterans' families want to see action taken to correct this current designation of non-service related for Bladder Cancer to Service related. These veterans deserve this. Also this should be done in light of the fact that Monsanto was given a mere one-time slap on the wrist for lying to the government about the safety of these chemical that our fighting men were exposed to.