A Petition to Force Compliance with Section 68 (e) by the NSW Department of Mental Health

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Anachronistically, the NSW Department of Mental Health flatly refuses to comply with section 68(e) of the NSW Mental Health Act to provide "appropriate information" about, let alone alone actually provide, treatment alternatives in mental health.

The reasons for this are largely commercial and financial. Undisclosed financial commissions are being made for the illegal (Competition and Consumer Act 2010) monopolistic provision of unproven, non evidence based, useless placebo grade mental health chemical medications, that in many cases breach section 85, and due to convenience (in contravention of section 68 (d)) and resistance to modernize and investigate the many fine treatment alternatives, such as well attested digital medication, and up to 100 other treatment alternatives as collated in the last few years by STAAG, the Sydney Treatment Alternatives Advocacy Group.

We do not seek to change the law. We merely seek that the Department comply with the law as regards to a person's right to have a choice of treatment alternatives from which to choose which suit them best in line with the latter part of section 68 (e) : "People with a mental illness or mental disorder should be provided with appropriate information about treatment, treatment alternatives and the effects of treatment and be supported to pursue their own recovery,")

Generally the Department cites the sleeper section 195 as the reason it does not have to regard section 68 as law but section 195 itself transgresses the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 at the Federal level and so is not law.

Also of interest is that a current long running, 22 year, statistical study (1997-2019) has found

1) that 13 out of every 15 psychiatrists in the NSW Mental Health system cannot properly diagnose, or diagnose at all, in one or other senses of the word "cannot" and that

2) over 99% of Mental Health Review Tribunal Decisions (eg against known creditors) are predetermined, presumably also for commercial reasons.

We seek by this petition that the Department provide appropriate information on about 10 to 20 treatment alternatives as to be found in the six lists independently collated by Staag and abandon its dogmatic and cult like devotion to chemical medication, which does not and cannot address undesirable conditioning and responses, as can for example digital medication which, with repetition, reprograms the subconscious mind to respond in new ways.

For further reading and to see all Staag's independently collated lists of treatment alternatives recommendations (about 100) please go to https://www.meetup.com/Staaggroup/  and click on "About".  Please advise if you have a difficulty in accessing the six lists.

David, Chairperson, (02) 8214 8397, 0419 605 365, staag@tpg.com.au. You are welcome to enquire about the date for our next Sydney Saturday midday meeting.

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