Cooking Workshops need to be recognised as a Creative Kids Program by the NSW Government.

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Cooking is not only a wonderful way for children to explore and learn about different cultures but also a beautiful way for them to express themselves. The art of cooking is an extremely important life skill for children to learn and carry with them throughout their life. Learning how to cook will certainly help boost the confidence in these children and ultimately enables them to realise what they are capable of achieving.

My focus is on teaching children how to cook and try healthy wholesome foods. My personal mission is to empower children to explore, learn and believe in themselves. I want to be part of the Premier’s Priority vision established in 2015, with the goal of reducing the rate of overweight and obesity in children by five percent over 10 years. Let's #makehealthynormal starting with our own community.

We feel that the NSW Government has made a brilliant effort in addressing a number of important health issues. These include the Nutrition in Schools Policy and assisting families by introducing the Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers.

Cooking needs to be part of the Creative Kids Program. I believe cooking is vital to a child’s development as it nurtures their creativity and helps their visualisation skills  through producing edible art. The skills and knowledge that they will inherit from cooking will contribute positively to the overall wellbeing of these children for years to come.

I would love for everyone to join my mission and make this initiative happen.


Yours sincerely,

Trinh Mai