Fix the Broken Mental Health System in Rural Australia

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It's no secret the mental health system is beyond broken.

In rural Australia we are experiencing one of the worst droughts in history. The prevalence of depression has skyrocketed as a result.

There are extremely limited services, ridiculous waiting times and extremely little government support!

Rural Australia has one third the amount of psychologists compared to cities but 20% MORE hospitalisations due to mental illness.

Government and Medicare spending allowances for expenditure on mental illness related provisions are 40% LESS the amount allocated to rural areas than in major cities!

1 in 5 people will suffer from mental illness at some point in their lives. However, people in rural areas are SIX times more likely to suffer without treatment, FOUR times as likely to attempt suicide and TWICE as likely to complete suicide.

The rate of suicide among young indigenous people is FIVE times higher than that of non indigenous people. With over 70% of indigenous people living in rural areas - this is just not good enough.

I'm throwing a protest party with live music, raffles and auctions to raise as much money as I can for this cause. I have been advised that if I can get at least 200 people present on the night, raise $10,000 and collect as many online signatures as possible - this will be a great start and a platform I can take directly to our government to DEMAND action.

If we show enough interest and support our government CANNOT ignore the issue any longer!

If you are in the position to contribute financially to this campaign (even just a dollar!) you can do so here --->  Donate Here 

Just this week, a friend of mine lost her closest friend to suicide. Two weeks earlier it was another one. This year we've already lost a few who went to my high school - failed by the system! I'm only 22 and I need more than two hands to count all the people I have personally known who have dies by suicide in the last 3 years. These people all WANTED help, they all TRIED to get it - but there wasn't enough. Let's stop digging graves and organising funerals and fix this BEFORE more precious lives are lost!