Petition Update

Facts not Media Dribble

Christine Burrows
Sydney, NSW

Jan 16, 2013 — Please be aware not all you read or see on tv is the truth. Forensic police determined there was no broken bottle that TJ had as a weapon and if you believe the hype he was a awesome juggler. He apparently had one broken bottle in hand , one that he threw and hit cook in the back with and one he threw and hit the passenger in the car...My son was many things but a circus clown wasn't one of them. Also the report that cook had no weapon, well you decide how many knives do you see just laying around on the street ready and waiting to be used in self defence against someone YOU actually went from your suburb (leumeah) to his St Andrews to engage Tj's friend. We are doing letter box drops and leaving information to share the need for change...lets stop this ridiculous excuse of a legal system from continuing to let thugs walk away with a slap on the wrist. More to come