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The rising level of mis-education of the uneducated by the educated(especially some politicians) is a serious threat to security, development and socio-economic progress.
We demand that, the government convert the entire Constitution of the republic of Ghana, create a concise book detailing   the role of government and the essence of governance into all written and readable local languages in/of Ghana.
The free education to the Senior High School level goes a long way to remedy the issue of illiteracy in the long term. However, this petition seeks to address the short to medium term challenges.
We also  believe this will help the fast pace development programmes the Country seeks to undertake as virtually everyone understands government business. Hence, ensuring cooperation, compliance and support at their highest levels.
Finally, constant manipulation of the uneducated by politicians and obnoxious propaganda will be controlled and minimized drastically. So, our electorates can vote on issues, policies and substance without the sort of dirty and nasty politics of lies and grand deception we witness during political campaign seasons.

Ghana must mature to develop and serve her people very well. This is just a step