A Failure Of Democracy

A Failure Of Democracy

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Ash Awad started this petition to The Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly

Propose Changes to the Nova Scotia Traffic Safety Act "MVA".

The proposed changes to the act encourages foreign indusrty to take over generations of home grown industry workers.

From the ad hoc committee for a united HRM Taxi and Limousine business. October 6, 2020
Spokesperson Richard Clark

To the members of the N.S. Legislature:

In 2011, the Halifax Regional Municipality council closed down a long-standing committee that advised the HRM council on all matters to do with Taxis and Limousines. The committee was replaced by an HRM staff-led liaison group. There has been a litany of troubles with the Taxi and Limousine operations ever since. This liaison group is closed to the public and the media. It does not entertain motions or vote on issues. It is by its nature the way for HRM staff to craft the business to their own design with little regard for the wishes of stakeholders or the transportation community involved.

Whereas we have no voice dealing with the HRM council.
Whereas the end of a democratic committee is parallel to the removal of a democratic right.
Whereas current changes to by law T 1000 are unprecedented and we are deprived of the opportunity to debate those changes. Then these changes are by default, a form of taxation without representation.
Whereas a pandemic has brought serious financial hardship to the Taxi and Limousine business.
Whereas all problems with and within the Taxi and Limousine service can be solved by democratically working with the stakeholders and council.
Whereas the above observations are true and objectionable to the people affected, we respectfully ask:

That the democratically functioning Taxi and Limousine Advisory Committee be reinstated and that all measures currently being considered by the HRM Council and the Province relating to by Law T 1000 be put on hold until the reinstatement of the Taxi and Limousine Advisory Committee.

Contact us at unitedhrmgroup@gmail.com


0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!