Nominate Tariq Al-Nazr for Nobel Peace Prize 2020

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Can you believe that in a survey of American Muslims, 0% identified as lesbian or gay? Another poll found zero tolerance for homosexuality among UK Muslims! We want you to help us end the fear under which Muslim homosexuals constantly live. They must be able to speak out without having to worry about being harmed or excluded.

Tariq is the first Saudi ever to publicy defend gay rights from inside Saudi Arabia, using his Twitter account @t_alaziz. People describe him as intelligent, kind and polite.

Muslims pray to the direction of Mecca, a major city in Saudi Arabia. Tariq wants to convince the Saudi government to recognize the rights of homosexuals, which if achieved will eventually change how Muslims treat homosexuals worldwide.

Furthermore, Tariq is campaigning for religious freedom.

We ask you to sign this petition to nominate Tariq Al-Nazr for Nobel Peace Prize in 2020 to send the message that gays and lesbians should not be afraid anymore even in the heartland of Islam.