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The Norwegian Ministry of Fishery and Coastal Affairs: STOP the Minke Whale Hunts

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Norway to CULL Whales to preserve the ECOSYSTEM!

The first thing we must come to terms with is that we are valuing whales in human terms, without any consideration of how whales might value their own existence. Nor have we given much thought to the value of whales to other species and ecosystems.


It is hunting season in Norway once again. Minke whales have been hunted along the coast of Norway at least since medieval times.  Like all baleen whales, the minke is well adapted to feeding on plankton but is also an important fish feeder. Minke whales off northern Norway, in the Barents Sea and off Spitsbergen consume about 1.8 million tons of prey from April to October.  Norway is expecting to CULL  1,286 whales during this years 2013 hunting season to preserve the ECOSYSTEM or is it to ensure that there are profits from the lucrative FISHING INDUSTRY. So with this at hand we must ask ourselves WILL KILLING WHALES SAVE THE WORLD'S FISHERIES? Norway's Fisheries Ministry argues that Minke whales are not endangered and that an uncontrolled population of the whales threatens valuable fish stocks!


Whales are magnificent, remarkable animals that have a strong magnetic hold on people. When will we stop viewing whales as “mere property” to “recognizing that they are sentient and emotive beings,” deserving protection.  Please with this statement in mind sign this petition and BE a VOICE for the MINKE WHALES of  NORWAY  and help put an end to the  Whale Hunts! 



The Norwegian Ministry of Fishery and Coastal Affairs released on March 19, 2013 that they have ways to ensure that as little pain and stress as possible is inflicted to the hunted whales!  ABSURD, this is a pitiless slaughter of magnificent minke whales for meat no-one wants nor needs!

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