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Coverage of 67000 kilograms of mercury under sand represents a future environmental disaster on a global scale.

• The biggest environmental crime in modern times, future contamination and irresponsibility.
• The Norwegian Government can risk being responible for environmental crime, and pollution for hundreds of years, related to destruction of the marine environment in the North Sea seabed.
• The government's zero emission target is guaranteed to be broken by covering the wreck.

1. The mercury must be removed and taken out of the environment.

2. The seabed must be suction-cleaned, and removed of environmental poisons.

3. U-864 must be raised to the surface. • The Norwegian Coastal Administration cannot guarantee that covering the wreck will prevent mercury leakage.

• We requires The Norwegian Government to reject the covering option, presented by the Norwegian Coastal Administration.
We requires that Norway's authorities act in accordance with the Minamata Convention on Mercury and the OSPAR Convention.
• We require the government to instruct the Norwegian Coastal Administration to choose suppliers that can ensure that the mercury is taken out of the marine environment and treated safely.

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