Grant Reza Mohammadi Political Asylum

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My name is Amin Mohammadi. I am originally from Iran, but had to flee after taking part in anti government protests in 2008. My brother Reza Mohammadi also fled a few months before me. If he returns to Iran the government will kill him. He sought political asylum in Norway, I sought political asylum in the UK. In 2013 I was granted refugee status and leave to remain in the UK, but to this day Reza remains an asylum seeker; although we are grateful to the Norwegian government for supporting Reza's needs for food and housing during the last 10 years human beings cannot live without HOPE. After 10 years Reza has no hope left that his case will be resolved. He is not allowed to work or travel out of the country to visit his family. The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) have changed his accommodation several times which has made it hard for him to make friends and impossible to build any kind of life for himself.

On 22nd July Reza sewed up his own lips in protest at the length of time it is taking to resolve his situation. Even murderers know when they will be released from prison but Reza has no idea when he will be free to live his life again.

I have some more text to add:

I want to show you a picture of Reza but I don't want to frighten any children who may see this so I have blacked out his mouth. And this is what the Norwegian government is doing by not resolving his case after 10 years: they are blacking out his mouth and blocking their ears to his cries.

I call on the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration to set Reza free by granting him political asylum.

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