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Petitioning The North Dakota Industrial Commission and 1 other

Mandate oil producers remove ALL explosive "natural gas liquids"(NGL's), and gases, such as combustible and poisonous H2S, from Bakken crude BEFORE shipping it by rail.

This failure of common sense and conscience, has ended in numerous violent explosions (Lac-Megantic, QC, Aliceville, AL, Casselton, ND, Lynchburg, VA) during Bakken crude oil train derailments, resulting in dozens of deaths, and billions in property and environmental damage. All in less than one years time.

Also, this dereliction by the oil companies, has cost taxpayers BILLIONS OF DOLLARS across the U.S. and Canada, as Local, County, and State governments are forced to pay large sums to outfit, equip and train emergency personnel for the next Lac-Megantic type disaster.

Bakken producers pass on the cost of NOT performing the decades long standard of oil stabilization. (aka removing/stripping the NGL's from the crude oil)

Large corporations putting the public in danger, merely to save money, is NOT acceptable.

Letter to
The North Dakota Industrial Commission
The North Dakota Public Service Commission
Mandate producers to remove ALL explosive natural gas liquids (NGL's), from Bakken crude BEFORE shipping it by rail.