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Revoke Barack Obama's Peace Prize

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Barack Obama's Peace prize was politically inspired and politically motivated. Since Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel peace prize, a move which degraded the Peace prize, he has engaged in a global terror campaign via use of Drones which has resulted in the murder of Civilians in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Barak Obama has also stood silent as Palestinians have been ethnically cleansed. Today he is seeking to make war on the legitimate Government of Syria base on a fraud and is supporting those who have engaged in brutal tactics and terrorism including cannibalism and attacks on civilians. Barack Obama has engaged in illegal and aggressive war as defined by the 1945 International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg which the United States was an architect and participant. For all of these reasons, the Nobel Committee must revoke its award of the Peace Prize to Barack Obama, demand he return the prize and all monies he has received as a result of the awarding of the Prize.

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