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International recognition of the plight of the Rohynga

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For decades the Rohynga people have suffered abuse, prejudice and ill treatment and now over the last year or more ethnic cleansing by the Burmese authorities. Censure Aung San Suu Kyi, the nominal leader, for failing not only to take action but even to speak out. She poses as a force for peace and democracy and was awarded the Nobel prize for standing firm for years against the military dictatorship, but as the figurehead of her people she fails to speak out against the atrocities carried out 'in her name' against an ethnic minority which has inhabited its region for much over a hundred years.

Read the commentary in The Economist article on Friday 08.09.2017 entitled 'The Burmese army is burning villages, and raping and killing their inhabitants'.............

'ACROSS the border, inside Myanmar, columns of smoke can be seen rising at dawn; each evening dusk reveals the fires at their bases. All week villages have been burning in northern Rakhine state, home of the Rohingyas, a persecuted Muslim minority. Refugees have been fleeing to Bangladesh across rice paddies, along muddy mountain paths and in boats over the Naf river, which divides the two countries. They are fleeing systematic violence from the Burmese army and armed mobs of Rakhines, another local ethnic group. The UN has counted 164,000 who have already arrived in Bangladesh; many more are thought to be on their way.

At the end of the Myanmar-Bangladesh Friendship Road, backed against the border fence near the town of Ghumdum, is a rapidly growing, makeshift camp holding some 5,000 new refugees. A Bangladeshi border guard points to a nearby hillock where a fire is raging; he says the Burmese army is burning down houses. Nurul Islam, a 30-year-old farmer, says he left his home in Razabil village in Myanmar last week when soldiers opened fire on villagers and set the houses on fire. Women and men were separated. Soldiers raped his 13-year-old sister Khadiza; mobs of Rakhines armed with swords mutilated her body. His father was also killed.

Fatima Khatun managed to escape her burning village and arrived in Bangladesh on September 4th with eight members of her family. She says many children and old people died on the week-long trek through the muddy monsoon-soaked hills. When she and others crossed a river inside Myanmar by clinging to bamboo rafts, soldiers opened fire on them. Many more villagers are hiding in Myanmar or have lost their way, she says'.

Burma/Myanmar has brushed these reports by eye witnesses aside as 'Fake news'.. Burma is an ex British colony yet Her Majesty's Government does not see fit to condemn this disgrace no doubt to protect trade.On the 11/9/2017 the BBC issued an update which you can access here entitled 'Seeing through the Official Story in Myanmar'. See 

Urge the Nobel Committee to threaten to withdraw her honour publicly.

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