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Animal Rescuers across the world endure a status quo which is unacceptable. Operations are fragmented, infrastructure is outdated, teams are politicized, ideas are disconnected, and transformative breakthroughs rarely spread beyond local communities.

Ultimately, this system perpetuates the suffering of unadopted pets with little hope of self-correction. Those on the frontlines, the selfless multitude of Rescue Coordinators who pour their hearts into the inexplicably convoluted machine that is today’s adoption ecosystem, explain this demoralizing reality best.

To put an end to this vicious cycle, we have to push back against outdated processes and entrenched rivalries.

We must ensure fiery passions are always directed towards their rightful purpose: saving animal lives.

By reaching across institutional barriers and joining hands with our fellow Rescuers worldwide, we'll achieve unprecedented levels of collective impact — creating a brighter future for companion animals in 2019 and beyond.

The No Suffer Society is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity uniting international communities to improve the lives of unadopted pets across the world. Our mission is to end suffering everywhere it exists – an enormous task that will only succeed if we all put aside our differences for this critically important common purpose.   

Every multinational vision begins with a strong domestic foundation. For us, that's the World Rescue Embassy (WRE) — a 14,112 SF Innovation Center for Rescue leaders, shelter operators, impact entrepreneurs, conscious capitalists, philanthropists, politicians, and animal lovers of every stripe to come together, achieve consensus, and solve planetary challenges affecting Animal Rescue.

We've joined hands with Founders Live and Code for America to accelerate the cooperative capabilities empowering our wide-reaching initiative, but we need every ounce of support to continue advancing this first-of-its-kind endeavor. Contribute your voice to WRE and help us achieve the momentum needed to transform our ambitious dream into a global reality for millions of pets across the world.

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Together we WILL achieve a United World of Rescue!