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Legalize Gay Marriage in New Jersey: Overturn Governor Christie's veto

Both houses of the NJ State Legislature passed a measure, a bill known as S1, to legalize same-sex marriage in NJ, but the bill was vetoed by governer Chris Christie in February 2012.

For a report on the recent history of the topic in the state in New Jersey, click the link below:

The following passage is excerpted from the article linked above:

"The Senate, which rejected gay marriage two years ago, on Monday passed the measure 24-16. It cleared the Assembly, 42-33, on Thursday. Democrats say they will now work to secure enough votes for an override [of Governor Christie's veto] by noon Jan. 14, 2014, deadline — the end of this legislative session. They’ll need a dozen more votes in the Assembly and three in the Senate."

Governor Christie has repeatedly claimed to be an advocate of equal rights for people of all sexual orientations, yet he continues to reject the reality that the civil unions New Jersey allows for same-sex couples do not constitute a satisfactory replacement for marriage.

Here's a recent example of how civil unions fall short of providing true equality to same-sex couples:

More examples, links, and information to come....

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