Free Sheikh Zakzaky

Free Sheikh Zakzaky

July 7, 2019
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Started by Shaykh Zakzaky



To the Corrupt Nigerian President Buhari,

We, the millions of sons and daughters of Sheikh Zakzaky's Peaceful Resistance, demand the immediate release of our father and leader Sayyid Sheikh Zakzaky!

As per the order of the Nigerian High Court, Sheikh Zakzaky Must be immediately released as he is not convicted of a single crime!

The criminal military of Buhari has killed six of Sheikh Zakzaky's sons,
brutally beaten our Sheikh,
And poisoned him with lead and cadmium!

We demand for Sheikh Zakzaky to be immediately released and be provided with medical care! We warn Buhari and his criminal military, should any more harm be inflicted on our Sheikh Zakzaky, he will pay the price!

We Are Black, We Are White, We Are Muslim, We Are Christian, We Are Believers, We Are Activists, We Fight Oppression, We're everywhere, And We Only Fear God!

Join us in the fight for justice and let us show:
No Justice No Peace!

Long Live Sheikh Zakzaky
Long Live The Islamic Movement
Long Live Resistance


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Signatures: 53,137Next Goal: 75,000
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