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NHS, please do not feed meat to vegetarians, or *any* animal product to vegans.

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This vegetarian lady (story in link below) had a bad stroke, resulting in her being extremely unwell, plus losing her speech. Here, her partner reported that when her swallowing reflex returned, a nurse happily announced to him that she had been fed chicken soup. 

Aside from a vegetarian / vegan ethical stance, a patient's right, Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine reports that all animal products are health harming, also with the over-balance of scientific evidence shared at, site of Dr.Greger MD. 

The NHS itself has info pages on how to stay healthy on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

For Jacky who had the stroke

Thank you. 

"I am vegan for people, planet and animals. I strive to take the path of least harm, which does not mean opting out of society as non-vegans often seem to expect. Being vegan means a lot to me. It is something which is very achievable to help others avoid unnecessary suffering - eg. see the Earthlings documentary.
We are not actually carnivores, or even obligate carnivores. All large groups of civilised, healthy, longest living populations actually thrived and survived on a starch based diet (inexpensive) - see the on-line work of Dr.McDougall. The overwhelming mass of scientific evidence supports it, including peer reviewed studies and meta-analysis.
There are nearly 43,000 vegans in Vegan UK, and it is growing rapidly. We have varying personality types, just like any typical group of people.
Kindest regards, and love to Jacky and Tony, whose extremely distressing story prompted me to create this petition, being one way I can contribute with help for them and all."

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