Abolish the 'No bags in class' rule

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Up until this point in the year (mid-way through third term), none of the teachers have cared about students having their bags in class. Then, all of the sudden, for no good reason, the Principal decided to make it compulsory for Year 12 students to place their bags in their locker during class time, despite the fact that all the lockers that have been assigned to the students are just the lockers left over from Years 7-11. This has meant that Year 12's are being forced into using the most unfavourable lockers in the school.

The Principal's thought process behind this decision was due to the supposed "tripping hazard" having bags in the classroom present. However, this issue can be simply resolved by teachers enforcing students to place their bags under the tables, therefore eliminating any tripping hazards in the classroom.  

For these reasons, we believe that this stupid and pointless rule should be abolished, and if you believe so too, we urge you to sign this petition.