Babies born before 22 weeks showing signs of life deserve nicu intervention UK

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My son was born on the 7th of November at the gestational stage 21+2, most level 3 hospitals don’t intervene EVEN if the baby shows signs of life - like in our case our son cried and breathed, he was alive for three hours. 
There was no doctor present during my labour or my sons birth despite it being extremely preterm, there was no nicu intervention or medical help for my son or other babies in the same situation, any child that shows signs of live should be given the chance of life, this shouldn’t be a choice of the hospitals for intervention it should be the parents. 
In the cases of a child born before 22 weeks of pregnancy the child is offered no medical treatment or assistance and is passed to the parents for skin to skin contact and to pass naturally in their arms, in some cases this can be minutes in others it can be hours! Our son deserved a chance at life and so does any child born showing signs of life! Every child is entitled to life!

thank you for taking the time to read this it really does mean a lot to us