Introduce a National Living Wage

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It makes no sense that somebody working full time should receive such low pay that they require top up benefits from government in order to afford basic living costs.

The current minimum wage is £6.31 per hour while the Living Wage £7.65 per hour. Had minimum wage kept pace with FTSE 100 executive pay it would now be £19 per hour. The subsidy of poverty wages with in-work benefits is simply state welfare for corporations.

Simply encouraging businesses to pay a living wage is not enough. When in government the Labour Party must ensure everybody is paid a living wage...

* The majority of people receiving welfare payments are in employment - increasing their pay to a living wage is a sensible and fair way to reduce the welfare bill.

* Removing working people from welfare would help simplify the complex welfare system and save money fairly through efficiency.

* Driving up low pay is the fairest and most sensible way to tackle the cost of living crisis.

* Increasing low pay would have a knock-on effect which will also assist the squeezed middle earners.

* Opponents of the National Minimum Wage claimed that it would cause greater unemployment - this was proven not to be the case. The same argument will undoubtedly be used against this policy but the opposite will happen as increasing incomes amongst lower earners will lead to greater spending power in the economy, therefore increased growth and a fall in unemployment.

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