End Greyhound Racing In NZ

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Greyhounds are severely mistreated and abused throughout their lives for the purpose of sport. They are kept in wire cages for approximately 23 hours a day, unable to move freely and be active. They start racing at 18 months old and many don't make it to the "retirement" age of 4 or 5, even though their natural lifespan is anywhere between 10 to 14 years.

When they are injured, they are often killed as their injuries prevent them from racing again, or racing at the desired speeds. An even larger number of healthy greyhounds are killed simply because they don't run fast enough and therefore aren't economically viable.

Live baiting is a common practise in greyhound racing. Live rabbits, piglets, possums, and even kittens are mauled to death by the greyhounds as part of their training. 

As Kiwis, we are kind and compassionate towards one another. We've seen some pretty tough times and our empathy and grace bring us closer together and help others heal. I believe in the goodness of all of us in NZ. 

Since New Zealand is one of only eight countries to still carry out commercial greyhound racing, it's clear that we are falling behind and need to step up. I know I wouldn't want my dogs to be treated the same way we allow these dogs to be treated. We can help put an end to their suffering. It's time for the cruelty to end.