End Greyhound Racing In NZ

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Thanks for signing! (We need shares!)

Thank you all for signing this petition, you don't know how much this means to me. As an animal lover these kinds of thinks break my heart, and clearly everyone is as emotionally invested as I am.

Overnight, we reached 100 signatures! This is great news because it shows people actually care about this issue.

I still need your help, though.

If anyone knows someone who would care about the abuse that goes on, please share the petition link (http://chng.it/TtMbyYWG with them. Anyone from any country can sign, it doesn't matter! Help us end the heartache please.

If you can't do that or don't have anyone to send it to, another great way to support the cause is to email, tweet, or tag the NZ Parliament and let them know we want change! Winston Peters is the minister of racing so he's the one to talk to specifically. As he's motivated by political gain, raising public awareness and perhaps even getting media coverage should do the trick.

Once again, thank you all for your help so far!

- Des

Des Marcoschi
1 year ago